About Us

Oak Leaf Construction is a licensed bonded, and insured construction company based out of San Francisco that has been delivering high-quality construction services since the year 2003. Founder, Eugene Brolly, provides over 15 years of experience in the general contracting and construction industry along with a reputation of integrity, detailed project management and a commitment to quality craftsmanship in the remodeling of residential properties. Oak Leaf Construction is also experienced in the field of commercial construction, having been involved in various commercial projects throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. We provides a wide range of preconstruction and construction services including complete and partial residential remodels of:

  • Victorian Homes (Gothic Victorian, Queen Anne and Neoclassical)
  • Contemporary Boutique Style Homes
  • Edwardian Style
  • New Custom Homes and Condos
  • Exterior Cedar and Redwood Decks, Fences and Retainers


Oak Leaf Construction is not your average construction service company. We pride ourselves on delivering detailed, on-time and on-budget craftsmanship at a standard that surpasses our
customer’s expectations. Oak Leaf Construction is committed to providing prompt, high-quality preconstruction and construction services to our clients while maintaining a professional and caring attitude. Our core values include:

  • Place Clients First
  • Adhere to the Highest Standards
  • Fair Pricing
  • Effective Time-Management
  • Communication is Key
  • Further Our Expertise
  • Build Long-Term Relationships


Oak Leaf Construction believes in working through the decision making process with top-class Architects and Engineers. It is our promise to ensure projects are scoped accurately, priced accordingly and produce the highest standard of quality craftsmanship. We habitually work hand in hand with a number of local Designers, Architects and Engineers to deliver reputable experience, quality and professionalism.