Oak Leaf Construction believes that proactive involvement during the preconstruction phase has great influence on a project’s final outcome. A comprehensive preconstruction process includes three critical elements:

  1. Identification of project objectives
  2. Assessment of construction risk
  3. Implementation of appropriate tools to mitigate these risks

We’ve had the opportunity to learn from every project we’ve been involved in and are committed to working with our clients to leverage the full benefit of our expertise. During the pre-construction phase, our goal is not limited to simply defining project parameters such as cost and schedule. Our estimating services have proven to be very accurate at early stages in the project as well as provide the level of detail needed to make critical decisions with a level of comfort.



We utilize a crew of top-class, highly skilled tradesman who take pride in their craft and are dedicated to working hard. Some of our custom capabilities include:


  1. Foundation sizemic reinforcement
  2. Framing
  3. Structural steel


  1. Woodwork
  2. Millwork
  3. Creating contemporary details


The OLC crew is known for delivering high-level craftsmanship through cleanliness, efficiency and attention to detail.



Oak Leaf Construction has built strong working relationships with many subcontractors, including Architects, Engineers and Designers over the last decade. We work as a team and integrate each trade in a seamless consecutive manner throughout each phase of the project. We choose to work with a consistent group of subcontractors that ensure competitive pricing, loyalty and a commitment to delivering high quality results.



Cohesive project planning, implementation and maintenance is imperative to the successful completion of any construction project.

From the beginning, OLC will conduct a thorough detailed assessment to identify all necessary information that pertains to our client’s goals and objectives. Utilizing our roster of dependable subcontractors, a project plan is created to guarantee delivery of services on time and on budget. We will present a detailed estimate along with necessary mock-ups that insure the validity of our client’s vision becomes a reality. We implore clear communication by providing project status updates and regular correspondence so our clients feel involved and informed. This allows OLC to quickly remedy any issues or changes that may occur during the construction process. Project finalization is the most important phase of working with OLC. Our reputation is built upon a quality of service that starts at the beginning of the project and continues long after the project is complete.